BioSLAX is a new live CD/DVD suite of bioinformatics tools that has been released by the resource team of the BioInformatics Center (BIC), National University of Singapore (NUS). Bootable from any PC, this CD/DVD runs the compressed SLACKWARE flavour of the LINUX operating system also known as SLAX.

SLAX is becoming the live CD/DVD of choice because of its ability to modularize almost any application and plug it into the system on the fly. The system can also be installed to USB thumbdrives or directly to the PC as a regular Linux using the BioSLAX installer provided.

How is it built?

There are two parts to the SLAX build, the core system and the individual modules. The core system is the OS itself and basic tools, usually refered to as the 'base', while the modules are the individual utilities that a user wants to have on their system. Since these modules can be put in or removed prior to creating the CD/DVD/USB, the system is fully modular and easily customisable.

All credit and thanks go to Tomas Matejicek, the developer of the SLAX and Linux Live Scripts.